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341 Meeting of Creditors

Starting OCTOBER 4th of 2023, chapter 12 and 13 341 meetings have a new VIDEO link. Click HERE for instructions. For meetings prior to October 4th, click HERE for instructions

341 meetings are usually the first formal event ever held in a case. The debtor and co-debtor (if applicable) must attend this meeting in person, and should be be prepared to answer questions on the schedules, statements and Chapter 13 Plan they filed. They must bring a social security card (or proof thereof) and government issued photo id (driver's license). Identification and social security number must be verified on the record before your case may proceed. Typically these meetings last 5-15 minutes. If there are no objections or other problems a confirmation recommendation will be made by the Trustee and confimation by the Court will occur shortly thereafter. If there are objections or other problems, a confirmation hearing will be set by the Court for a later date.

At least 10 days prior to the 341 Meeting our office requires the following documents (if applicable) be emailed to our office:  copy of the filed Federal and State tax returns for the current tax year; lien perfection information: recorded mortgages and assignments and vehicle titles; the completed self-employed questionnaire; any other documentation we request to verify information provided in the schedules.

11 USC 1308 requires the debtor to file all required tax returns for tax periods ending within four years of the debtor’s filing date prior to the 341 meeting.  If the debtor has not done so and is actively addressing this problem, their counsel (or they) may want to ask the trustee to adjourn the 341 in order for them to do so. Absent an adjournment for this reason, the case will likely be dismissed. Adjournment is not automatic and you will need to demonstrate to the trustee, efforts that are being made to address the tax filing.

If necessary, translation services are available for free for this meeting. Please Contact Us to assist you in setting that up.

The time and location of the 341 meeting was given to you on the notice you were mailed of the bankruptcy filing. The location of the meeting is based on where the person filing lives. Press here to see a guide of locations based on county lived in. If you lost the notice and you have ECF access you can look it up on the following link US Bankruptcy Court. We do not keep the "official" calendar of 341 meetings but you can see our latest schedule by pressing one of the links in the table below. If you are a debtor or a creditor and cannot make a scheduled 341 date contact the debtor's attorney. If you are an attorney or pro se and cannot make a schedule date, see our Attorney FAQ Page to reschedule.

Press a link below to see a PDF of upcoming scheduled 341 meetings


Quick 341 Zoom information for meetings on or after October 4th 2023:

Read these general Zoom instructions from the US Trustee: 341 INSTRUCTIONS

Test your equipment before the meeting. Enable your camera and microphone, Enter your link name per instructions. If using a phone make sure you have good cell reception. You will be put in a breakout room by the trustee or his assistant upon joining. Wait in that room for the trustee to start your meeting.

Click this direct hyperlink to go to a meeting now

Or, copy and paste this into your browser:

Or, go to: Then enter Meeting ID : 566 671 0547 and Passcode 1822637144

Or, Click this direct hyperlink to go to a meeting scheduled prior to Oct 4, 2023


Click here for a list of practice pointers that generally apply to cases and 341 meetings in this district.



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