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Credit Requests and Forms


Credit Requests

New credit cannot be obtained without first obtaining permission of the Court or the Trustee 

During the life of a plan, circumstances may arise requiring a loan or lease to be obtained.  Example circumstances include vehicle, home, business equipment, unexpected repairs or, student loan. 

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you CONTACT YOUR ATTORNEY to assist.  Your attorney is in the best position to advise you on whether approval is likely, what expenses are allowed, and whether a plan modification may be required.

The following conditions need to be met BEFORE we can review your application:

  • A written statement or email from your attorney that your plan remains feasible with the proposed credit transaction and that it is in your best interests and will not negatively impact your ability to meet your obligations under your plan
  • A current budget (both Forms I and J below)
  • A completed loan request worksheet (below)
  • You must be current with all income tax requirements under the terms of your Chapter 13 plan
  • You must be in compliance with Plan payments under the court’s order confirming your plan
Miscellaneous Loan Request

Mortgage Loan Request Worksheet -A mortgage loan request may require a copy of the modification agreement (if applicable) or offer to purchase (if applicable).

Vehicle Loan Request Worksheet -In addittion to the above items a vehicle loan request requires a copy of the motor vehicle purchase or lease contract from the dealer for the prospective vehicle.

Once you have completed ALL of the above items forward them to this office via the mail or click HERE to email us.  Email is preferred for fastest response

Click here to read "Know Before You Owe" from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for good general advice on car loans.


Blank Schedule I - Current Monthly Income

Blank Schedule J - Current Monthly Expenses

ProSe Declaration - needed at 341 for filers who do not have an attorney

Self-Employed Business Questionnaire -All debtors who are self-employed, or have an interest in a business, must complete this questionnaire and return it to our office via email or facsimile at least 10 days prior to the 341 Meeting of Creditors. We use the information provided by this form to fulfill our reporting obligation to the United States Trustee’s office regarding 11 USC § 1304 – debtor engaged in business.

Trustee's Education Network Course (needed for dishcarge)

Video (Zoom) 341 AppearanceForm


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