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Connection Issues

For the Case Information section of this web site to work, your computer must:

* Allow cookies

* Allow traffic on port 88

* Have the latest Java script extensions implemented
Most up to date browsers and software will work without modification on your part. If not, links or instructions are shown below for the most common items. Unfortunately because of our limited staff size and because it is your computer and your security, we cannot advise you on how to set up your machines. Please consult your networking/computer personnel.

If you clicked on the Case Information link but nothing happens and you get an Action Cancelled, Navigation cancelled, Cannot display the webpage, Access denied or some similar message (ie the link just doesn't work), it is most likely a firewall, router or other security software (antivirus, spyware) setting on your end that is preventing you from accessing the information. Your firewall, router, security software must be configured to allow traffic using port 88 for our IP address. Specifically you may have allow traffic on IP and or You may need to configure each of those devices separately to allow traffic (ie trust) on that port. Click Here for more on this topic

If you can get to the Case Information screen but nothing happens after you enter a case number and click on the locate (search) button it is because you are not allowing cookies to be exchanged. Click here and follow instructions specific to your browser or consult your systems personnel.

If the search works but the returned page, is laid out strangely has unusual characters or, other display problems it is because you do not have the latest java scripting set up on your machine. Click Here to access the latest java updates. After updating be sure to run the "Verify Now" on that web site to make sure Java was correctly installed.

Unfortunately, due to our limited amount of staff and the wide variety of machines and software available and we are unlikely to be able to devote our staff to assist you to diagnose your particular problem and resolve your connection issue. If you are aware of settings you have changed that allow you to view case information we would be happy to publish those so others may benefit. Please contact us if that is the case. As always feel free to contact our office via phone, mail, email, or fax for information.




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