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Firewall, Router, Security Software Issues

For the Case Information to link in properly your computer system must allow traffic to IP Your router, firewall, VPN, Security Software(antivirus, spyware, etc) may each need to be separately configured to allow traffic using the above IP address and port. Below are some settings for common programs. Typical errors due to this cause are:Action Cancelled, Navigation cancelled, Cannot display the webpage, Access denied or some similar message (ie the link after pressing Case Information just doesn't work),

Unfortunately, due to our limited amount of staff and the wide variety of machines and software available and we are unlikely to be able to devote our staff to assist you to diagnose your particular problem and resolve your connection issue. If you are aware of settings you have changed that allow you to view case information we would be happy to publish those so others may benefit. Please contact us if that is the case. As always feel free to contact our office via phone, mail or fax for information.

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Firewall, Antivirus, Privacy programs
After updating Java and setting cookies as required for your browser, if you're still having problems and are using one of the products below, follow those instructions.
I'm using Zone Alarm?
  1. In Zone Alarm, select Privacy.
  2. Under Cookie Control, click Custom
  3. In Custom Privacy Settings:
    1. Uncheck the box that says "Block session cookies"
    2. Uncheck the box that says "Block persistent cookies"
    3. Uncheck the box that says "Remove private header information".
    4. Uncheck the box that says "Expire Cookies"
  4. Click OK.
  5. Close all Web browsers.
  6. Open a new browser.
I'm using Norton Personal Firewall?
  1. Double click on the Norton Personal Firewall icon in the tray.
  2. Click on the Open option in the pop-up menu.
  3. Click the Options icon in the Norton SystemWorks menu box.
  4. Click on the Personal Firewall option in the Options menu box.
  5. Click the Advanced Options button at the bottom of the Norton Personal Firewall Options menu box to retrieve the default settings menu box.
  6. Make sure you are in the "Web" tab. There may be several domains already listed in this area.
  7. Click on the Add Site button at the bottom of the Web defaults window.
  8. You will need to enter "" (without the quotes) as a new default. This should active the default rules section of that window. You may also need to add (current IP address of our web server).
  9. Make sure the Cookies and Referer (under Browsing Privacy) are set to permit as a default rule for the domains. You may also need to permit as a domain (current IP address of our web server).
  10. Click OK, then click OK again.
  11. Close all Web browsers.
  12. Open a new browser.
I'm using McAfee Privacy Service?
  1. Right-click the red "M" icon by your system clock.
  2. Click "Privacy Service."
  3. Click "Options."
  4. The McAfee Privacy Service window appears. Click the "Cookies" tab.
  5. Enter each website address from which you would like to allow cookies.
  6. Click "Add."
  7. Once completed, close the window.
  8. Close all Web browsers.
  9. Open a new browser.



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