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Scam Alert

We have received recent reports about criminals contacting debtors and demanding immediate payment.   The criminal(s) faked the caller ID number on the phone to appear to be the Trustee’s office.  They told the debtor they would be arrested by the police if immediate payment was not made per their instructions.  Unfortunately, in a recent Chicago case, the debtor complied resulting in their loss of $700.00.  Chicago is in the same judicial district as this part of Wisconsin. This is not a new scam and typically criminals pretend to be the IRS.  They are now branching out and pretending to be Trustees.  

This Trustee’s Office will never advise you of changes to your Plan or Plan payments via telephone.  We will only contact you by phone in direct response to a call from you.  You will receive written notification of any changes to the Trustee’s payment mailing address.  The change will also be posted on this web site on the Contact Us page. 

The Trustee’s office will never call or email you requesting sensitive personal information.  If you receive a suspicious telephone call or email, contact the Trustee’s Office or your attorney immediately.


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